RV Diamond Shield Removal

Results from removing the Diamond Shield from our RV:

RV DiamondShield Removal Results

Walt Disney World (Our First Long Trip) Part 3

Today we are doing something we have never done before at Disney World.  We are going to Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party.  We are all very excited and really look forward to seeing all the Christmas decorations at the Magic Kingdom.  The Christmas party is a special ticketed event that occurs after the normal day guests leave.  The party begins at 7pm and continues until 12am.  You can however enter the park as early as 4pm to really maximize you time.  Continue Reading →

Walt Disney World (Our First Long Trip) Part 1

We decided to end the year with a big RV trip.  This would be the longest trip we will have made and will test us and the RV.  One of our favorite destinations is Walt Disney World, we have visited almost 10 times in the last 10 years.  We have stayed in the Disney campgrounds once before using a rented 5th wheel.  We enjoyed that trip and were looking forward to another fun Disney trip. Continue Reading →

Fort Boonesborough State Park

This weekend we decided to try Fort Boonesborough State Park.  This campground is open all year long so it might be someplace we visit often during the off season of camping.  The drive to the campground was very nice, the air pressure alarm never went off.  The drive was really expressway, and then a large two lane road all very easy to drive. Continue Reading →

Winterizing the RV

Since it frequently drops below 32 degrees here, we have to winterize our RV.  This means getting all water out of the RV water lines and tanks.  There are two methods for doing this, one is to put about 5 gallons of RV safe anti-freeze into your water tank and then pump it through all your water lines.  This method requires you to dump and clean out the water lines when you are ready to use the RV again. Continue Reading →

Air Pressure Alarm Repair

When driving the low air pressure alarm was going off, even though we hadn’t lost any pressure.  The brakes and air bag suspension were both working properly.  This made me feel these were false errors.

The dashboard has two different air pressure gauges, one for the brakes and one for the suspension.  When the alarm is going off the gauge shows the air dropping from 130~ PSI to 0 PSI.  Then the needle will bounce up and down potentially settling back at 130~PSI. Continue Reading →

Cave Creek Campground

cave_creek We were looking for a new campground to visit for a weekend and I was having a hard time finding one, so my wife took over the search.  She found Cave Creek Campground which is on the Kentucky River.  The campground was about one and a half hours from our house, which is a doable drive after work on Friday.  Continue Reading →

Nolin River Lake

Nolin Lake State Park We decided to try Nolin Lake out for a weekend.  The campground was well reviewed and very difficult to get a reservation.  We were finally were able to get a reservation for Oct 2-4th.  We were leaving right after work and the drive was roughly 1.5 hours.  We had done most of the packing the night before and had to grab the last minute items and put them in the RV.  Continue Reading →

A/C Water Leak Part 2

The A/C repair man came out and looked at the leak that was occurring with the A/C.  He took the unit apart and looked for any place the water may have been entering, but couldn’t find anything other than where I pointed out the water entered.  He ended up tightening the A/C to the roof.  The unit ended up being pretty loose and definitely got a lot tighter to the roof.  Hopefully this has fixed the problem, and after several weeks it hasn’t leaked again.