RV Purchase part 1

Today we are traveling to Elkhart Indiana to begin the process of purchasing an RV.  We already have seen the RV and agreed to purchase it pending some items being taken care of.  We are traveling one day early and staying in a hotel tonight.  This will allow us to be fresh for what will inevitably be a very long trying day tomorrow.

The biggest concerns are whether all the items will have been taken care of prior to our arrival.  I have emailed the salesman for him to verify everything is complete, his response was everything will be ready.  We were promised a lot when it comes to the condition of the RV.  While the RV is in good condition we asked for it to be brought up to great condition.  Everything we were told stated we should expect great condition, but I am nervous we will have to fight to get it to this condition.  Since this is our first RV I do worry about checking everything works prior to us signing the papers.  I have created lists of things to check but I think it is likely we will get involved and not check everything.  Their technician is supposed to go over the RV with us and I plan on video taping all that he shows us.

Once we sign for the RV, we will be staying one night at the dealership’s little camping area.  They have roughly 6 spots with hookups and this will allow us to try and figure things out prior to driving home.  Hopefully if we have any issues they will assist us the next morning, before we leave.  Though the owner of the dealership was pretty adamant that once we sign it is our problem.  I don’t care for this type of attitude and hope he will adjust depending on the issue.

After spending the night we will make the roughly 5 hour drive back home.  This will be the first time I have ever driven anything of this size and should be a really good learning trip.  Since we have made this trip before in the van I do have some experience driving this path.  I intend to take a slightly different path on the way to Elkhart to see if we can avoid a town we had to drive through last time.  The town wasn’t difficult but depending on traffic it could be interesting.

We will see how this all goes, I am trying to be really positive about everything and do expect it to go well.  Hopefully by dinner time tomorrow we will be the proud owners of a 2007 Fleetwood Bounder 38v.