What Did I Get Stuck On and Moving the RV

Today I emptied the RV after returning home with the RV from the dealership.  There wasn’t much in there since we only packed for 3 days.  I also wanted to figure out what the RV was stuck on when we tried pulling in last night.I started to walk down the driveway to the street to analyze the area and determine where we got stuck.  As soon as I started down the driveway I could tell we didn’t exactly get stuck the way I thought.  I figured we went off the driveway, but that wasn’t the case.

Driveway_DamageInstead it looks like the trailer hitch bottomed out and dug into the street and driveway.  The RV made a really deep cut through the asphalt and into my driveway.  Looking at the driveway it appears to slope on this end, so in the future I will not drive the RV on this side.  Luckily the RV wasn’t damaged at all.


Since we arrived so late last night I pulled the RV into the driveway and didn’t back it in which is how I would like it parked.  My wife joined me in the RV while the kids both took walkie talkies and we proceeded to try and back the RV down our 200′ driveway avoiding bushes and trees on one side and a retaining wall on the other.  The kids did a good job directing me down the driveway but it was slow going and they really didn’t give me feedback after telling me to adjust one way or the other.  This is something we will all get better at doing.  It took probably 20-30 minutes for me to back down the driveway.  My leg was shaking from pressing the brake so hard.  Then as we got to the bottom and began to back into the street I started hitting the bushes on one side of the driveway.  Once I finally got out of the driveway I proceeded down the street to a subdivision and turned around.  I was able to easily back into the subdivision and turn around.  As we approached the house I expected the kids to be at the end of the driveway but they were back up at the house not paying attention to the fact I had arrived.  I gave the horn a little tap and scared the heck out of my wife.  I forgot how loud the air horn is,  next time I will give her a warning.

Backing up the driveway I again hit some of the bushes and then some tree branches, ones I pointed out we needed to avoid.  But we were able to get the RV all the way up the driveway and into its parking spot.

Backing up the driveway was a lot easier that backing down it.  I really don’t want to ever back down it again.  The bushes and trees need to be cleared out, so after everything was done I researched pole saws and ordered one from Amazon.  Removing all the bushes and tree limbs will help make backing up the driveway a lot easier.  Finally we are finished and have the RV home and safe in it’s parking spot.