Air Pressure Alarm Repair

When driving the low air pressure alarm was going off, even though we hadn’t lost any pressure.  The brakes and air bag suspension were both working properly.  This made me feel these were false errors.

The dashboard has two different air pressure gauges, one for the brakes and one for the suspension.  When the alarm is going off the gauge shows the air dropping from 130~ PSI to 0 PSI.  Then the needle will bounce up and down potentially settling back at 130~PSI.I decided the best method to begin troubleshooting this issue was to start with a call to Freightliner support.  The Fleetwood support person gave me their number when I was talking to them about the slide out issue we had at Nolin Lake.

I called Freightliner and got a message they were not available because they close at 4:30pm each day.  It was 4:34pm, boy was that frustrating but I understand.

I called them the next day and got in touch with one of the support personnel.  As soon as I described the problem he asked me what color the wiring harness was behind the console.  I tried looking up under the dash but there isn’t a way to see behind the console.  He told me the RV was probably built using a white wiring harness and those tend to have their connections come loose causing the false alarm.

He gave me the part numbers for the new black wiring harness and also gave me their parts department number.

Dash WiringI unscrewed the console from the dash, which wasn’t easy since the previous owner had stripped almost all the screws.  The wires were all white as you can tell in the photo.  I called the parts department and left a message concerning the parts I wished to order.  I received a call back a short time later and the parts were ordered with an expected delivery date of two days.  Boy you can’t beat that.  The support person and the parts person both knew these part numbers by heart, since they have been down this road many times.

I made a trip to Lowe’s to purchase some new screws to hold the console into the dash.  I couldn’t find the exact replacement but I found some that would work.

The parts arrived on time so my son and I went out to begin replacing them.  Overall the wiring is really easy to replace especially if you do it one wire at a time.  I ended up with one wire extra but they just sold me an extra one, all of the previous wires were replaced.  The new screws worked really well to hold the console in place.

This was a really easy fix, and I hope it does in fact fix the problem.  I won’t really know until our next trip, or maybe the one after that since the problem doesn’t always occur.  The Freightliner folks were great and I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again in the future.  Good customer support is getting more difficult to find and I really appreciate.