Cave Creek Campground

cave_creek We were looking for a new campground to visit for a weekend and I was having a hard time finding one, so my wife took over the search.  She found Cave Creek Campground which is on the Kentucky River.  The campground was about one and a half hours from our house, which is a doable drive after work on Friday.  We took off after work and school on Friday afternoon expecting to be in the campground by 6pm.  The drive was very similar to the Nolin Lake drive except we ended up taking the Western Kentucky Parkway.  This parkway is notorious for having huge potholes, and it didn’t disappoint.  The entire time we were driving down this parkway the low air pressure alarm was going off.  It is so loud and was driving me nuts.  It only stopped for a few seconds a couple of times, those few seconds were so peaceful.

When we arrived at the campground, the camp host met us at our RV and really wondered if we would fit in the campsite we reserved.  She had me pull up into a parking lot and ride with her husband to the site to determine if we would fit.  It was decided we would fit with some careful maneuvering.  It actually turned out to not be that difficult getting in the site, the bigger problem was leveling the RV.  This took us several tries, some of which the front leveling jacks just retracted and the back end was up in the air.  Finally we got the right number of leveling pads in place and we were level.  The rest of the hook up process went without any issue.

mendy_kidsWe took a walk down to look at the water and they had a nice dock overlooking the river.  We took some photos and then headed back to the RV for dinner.  The bugs at the water were really bad.



This campground was very shaded which was really nice.  Unfortunately the trees were dropping walnuts on the roof of the RV.  This was so loud, it made it difficult to relax and really hard to sleep.  Our bed is still so uncomfortable, we really need to do something about it before the next trip.

We spent the weekend relaxing and walking around the campground.  I think we would return to this campground, but we will choose a different site.  I spoke with the camp host and she gave me several options that would be better for an RV our size.

One difficult aspect of the campground was the dump station.  They had just put it in but they placed it in a difficult place to get close too.  We had to re-position couple times before we were close enough to dump the tanks.

We took a different route back home and I really enjoyed this route.  It was basically back roads which were a little scary, but it was mostly highways.  We were lucky and the air pressure alarm didn’t go off at all.

We will definitely keep this campground as a good candidate to return too.  I just wish is was open all year.