What Did I Get Stuck On and Moving the RV

Today I emptied the RV after returning home with the RV from the dealership.  There wasn’t much in there since we only packed for 3 days.  I also wanted to figure out what the RV was stuck on when we tried pulling in last night.I started to walk down the driveway to the street to analyze the area and determine where we got stuck.  As soon as I started down the driveway I could tell we didn’t exactly get stuck the way I thought.  I figured we went off the driveway, but that wasn’t the case. Continue Reading →

The ride home from the dealer

This was my first time really driving an RV, while I drove it on the test drive we were going to travel around 300 miles back home.  I was certainly nervous and hoped everything would go alright.  I intended to take my time and not rush.  This is also the first time my daughter would be driving this far, as she would be following in our van.  We were supposed to leave around 10am it was now 3:30pm.  We wouldn’t arrive home until after 9pm at best. Continue Reading →

RV Purchase Part 4

We spent the night in the RV for the first time.  We had the A/C turned really low due to the high heat during the day.  I woke up at 4am freezing, the RV had really cooled off over night.  I couldn’t get to the thermostat since my son’s bed blocked my path.  It was really cold and all of us were feeling it.  I finally got up and took my shower only to find there really wasn’t any hot water.  I could feel a slight heat to the water but it was definitely not right.   Continue Reading →

RV Purchase Part 3

After our RV was not ready on Tuesday we spent the night in the Staybridge Suites, which was a two bedroom, two bathroom suite.  The suite was very roomy with a living room and a full kitchen.  We enjoyed our stay and the breakfast in the morning. Continue Reading →

RV Purchase Part 2

I don’t know if our experience with purchasing an RV is typical but it was certainly not desirable.  While we were driving to Elkhart I received a call from one of the dealership’s technicians.  He stated they had been testing the water heater and found it was defective and needed to be replaced.  They ordered a new one and it would arrive early Tuesday morning (the next day) and they would get it installed but it might delay my pickup, however they felt it would be ready by our 1pm pickup time.  I appreciated the call and the fact they were replacing the water heater without any issues. Continue Reading →

RV Purchase part 1

Today we are traveling to Elkhart Indiana to begin the process of purchasing an RV.  We already have seen the RV and agreed to purchase it pending some items being taken care of.  We are traveling one day early and staying in a hotel tonight.  This will allow us to be fresh for what will inevitably be a very long trying day tomorrow. Continue Reading →

Our RV Search

In 2012 someone I work with purchased a Class A RV and began to discuss the travel options now available to him.  To hear him speak of the destinations he was going to travel to, and the ability to essentially have  his house with him this really sounded appealing to me.  After hearing about his RV I began researching the various different types of RV, from Travel trailer to Class A. Continue Reading →