Fort Boonesborough State Park

This weekend we decided to try Fort Boonesborough State Park.  This campground is open all year long so it might be someplace we visit often during the off season of camping.  The drive to the campground was very nice, the air pressure alarm never went off.  The drive was really expressway, and then a large two lane road all very easy to drive.The campground required us to park the RV and then go into this cabin to check in.  This was an easy process but the whole time the RV was blocking the path into the campground.  Seems like a silly design to me.

We had booked a pull-through site to make it easier on us and it was very easy.  The site was fairly level and it only took us one try to get the RV level.  The slides went out without any issue and we were fully setup in no time, it was great.

This trip we brought the cats with us to prepare them for our next trip, which is Disney World!  The cats hated the drive down but once we got settled they started to relax and begin to do their own thing like at home.

It was a pretty cool night and by the time we got to the campground it was starting to get dark so we didn’t take our normal walk around the campground.  Instead we had some dinner and relaxed for a while.  Since it was cold I got out the two space heaters and set them up one in the front of the coach and one in the back.

The back heater was rattling a lot so I took it apart, cleaned it, and then reassembled it. This seemed to fix the rattling issue.

Around 10pm we all of a sudden lost power to all the A/C outlets.  The refrigerator started beeping saying it lost power, the TV went off, everything but the microwave seemed to stop working.

We started trying to reset the GFI outlets, the one in the bedroom reset easily but the one in the galley would not reset.  We tried resetting all the breakers too with nothing fixing the problem.  I went outside looking in the patio section for another GFI but couldn’t find one.  Since it was so late and I was really tired I just turned on the propane heat and we went to bed.

We woke up a little cold since I had set the heat so low to reserve propane, but it wasn’t too bad.  I decided to go look at the inverter to see what it was showing.  Glad I did, one of the breakers on the inverter had tripped so I reset it and everything was fixed.  We only ran one space heater the rest of the trip so we wouldn’t blow the breaker again.

Now that we had power I could make breakfast which was really brunch by this time.  I had decided to bring our electric griddle with us to make some eggs.  I bought precooked sausage and bacon and made us some easy eggs.  It was delicious and very easy.

We took a walk around the campground which is really quite large compared to some of the others we have visited.  We did check out their general store and look through the selection of junk they had for sale.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We tried to take a nap but it was just too noisy in the campground, which was the case the entire time.  The first night there we had several tent campers behind us who stated up really late talking around the campfire.  Sound really does travel well at this campground.

On Sunday we got up and began preparing everything for our departure.  I was hoping to time it so we could get to the dump station without having to wait too long, but that ended up not being the case.  We had to wait maybe 20 minutes for our turn at the dump station.  Meanwhile the kids walked up to the office and checked us out.

The drive home was very nice no air pressure alarms.  Boy I hope it is fixed.

The cats again hated the drive but they were happy when we were home.  It took us a while to get the RV parked on the wood planks I bought a few weeks ago.  It was very difficult to line the RV up with the boards.  We really need to figure this part out, we spent 30 minutes trying to park the RV.  There has to be a method to this we are getting.

We leveled the RV and opened the slides so we can winterize the RV and prepare for our trip to Disney World.  That will be a real test of what we have learned since owning the RV.