RV Diamond Shield Removal

Results from removing the Diamond Shield from our RV:

RV DiamondShield Removal Results

Winterizing the RV

Since it frequently drops below 32 degrees here, we have to winterize our RV.  This means getting all water out of the RV water lines and tanks.  There are two methods for doing this, one is to put about 5 gallons of RV safe anti-freeze into your water tank and then pump it through all your water lines.  This method requires you to dump and clean out the water lines when you are ready to use the RV again. Continue Reading →

Air Pressure Alarm Repair

When driving the low air pressure alarm was going off, even though we hadn’t lost any pressure.  The brakes and air bag suspension were both working properly.  This made me feel these were false errors.

The dashboard has two different air pressure gauges, one for the brakes and one for the suspension.  When the alarm is going off the gauge shows the air dropping from 130~ PSI to 0 PSI.  Then the needle will bounce up and down potentially settling back at 130~PSI. Continue Reading →

A/C Water Leak Part 2

The A/C repair man came out and looked at the leak that was occurring with the A/C.  He took the unit apart and looked for any place the water may have been entering, but couldn’t find anything other than where I pointed out the water entered.  He ended up tightening the A/C to the roof.  The unit ended up being pretty loose and definitely got a lot tighter to the roof.  Hopefully this has fixed the problem, and after several weeks it hasn’t leaked again.

A/C Water Leak

During our trip to General Butler State Park I noticed a few drops of water coming down from the A/C vent.  Once we got back from the trip I started trying to determine where the leak was coming from.  I knew where inside the RV I saw the water trail but couldn’t find the source.  I had to get on the roof, which would be for the first time.  I had my son come help me and once I got on the roof I started taking the A/C cover off and began looking for the source of the leak.  I found a very wet spongy material under the A/C unit that was the source of the issue.  There isn’t really a way to dry it and I can only imagine it got soaked due to all the rain.  I put everything back together and my son hand me the hose.  I then began to soak the A/C down to see if it would leak again.  I sprayed water on it at various angles for 15 minutes.  My son was inside the RV looking for a leak, it never leaked.

I am not sure what caused this to leak, if it was just an abnormal amount of rain at just the right angle.  I am having the A/C guy come back out and take a look at it.  Maybe the spongy material needs to be replaced.  We will let him make that determination, since he is the expert.