General Butler State Park

General Butler State ParkWe decided our second trip would be to General Butler State Park.  This park is about 1hour from our house which would give me a little more experience driving the RV.  The park also has a lot of shade and full hookups.  When I made the reservation I ended up getting the one handicap site they have.  The site was a concrete pad instead of asphalt and around 64ft long.  It is well shaded and near a bathhouse if we need it.

The trip to the campground was fairly uneventful.  There was a lot of traffic since it was a Friday at the beginning of rush hour.  Arriving at the campground we had to check in at the gatehouse.  This was a quick process but the person working could have been a little friendlier.  Our site was easy to find, though the sites around us were pretty full.  Backing into the site didn’t take too long, my daughter is great at directing me.  We quickly got everything setup and decided to take a walk around the campground.

The campground really is shaded, which helps keep the heat down.  They had a very nice playground which we didn’t use since our kids are way too old for it.  We saw many of the sites in the other loops were empty.  A lot of the sites were not level at all and most were falling off into the woods.  At the end of one loop we found a bridge which the kids crossed.  The bridge ended up leading back right by our site.  Apparently the bridge creaked really loud and scarred my daughter.

After the walk we settled down in the RV and made dinner.  This trip I made some taco meat and we ate it with some nacho chips.  This ended up being very good and an easy meal for the entire weekend.  We spent the rest of the night relaxing and enjoying our working air conditioning.

The next day we went driving around the park.

General Butler OverlookThey have a really nice overlook which allowed us to see the town from a really cool angle.  The park has several tennis courts, a basketball court, and a nice covered area to have a family reunion which someone was doing.  You also can play miniature golf, the course overlooks the lake.  There is also a house called the Butler-Turpin home which you can tour for $5 per person.  It looked like a nice home which is supposed to be decorated to represent the time in which is was built.

The park also has a lodge which is called the Hilltop Butler Lodge, it has 53 rooms with either a private balcony or patio overlooking the hillside of pool.  There is supposed to be a gift shop in the lodge but it really is more of a snack area, it was very disappointing.

Seating Area LodgeThey do have a very nice seating area with great windows looking out on the park.  As a campground guest you can use the pool at the lodge, but we didn’t take advantage of this.  In fact the pool was supposed to be closed after Labor day but they still had it open.  Probably due to it still being in the 90’s.


As we approached the lodge my daughter notice her fitness tracking device had fallen off her.  We looked around the parking lot and through the van but couldn’t find it.  When we were finished with the lodge we started back tracking looking everywhere we had been.  We searched the overlook but couldn’t find it.  We went back to the camp site and search all around still unable to find it.  She looked up some apps that could help her track it down and she and I went back to the overlook.  We searched and searched but in the end we couldn’t find it.  It is gone, we even asked if anyone had turned it in to the lodge or the campground but no one did.  I told her I would buy her another one.

We spent the rest of the day taking a nap and playing games in the RV.  I suggested we play Heads Up and that ended up being a lot of fun.  We also watched some movies and for the first time my son got to see Sister Act.  We all enjoyed that movie.

While we were hanging out in the RV on Saturday it began to rain really hard.  It rained for the rest of the day.  While we were watching the movie I felt something wet drip on me from the A/C vent.   I thought it was just condensation but it wasn’t, I opened the vent and found a trail of water coming down.  I dried it up but have to figure out why it is happening.

On Sunday I woke up around 4am, and never really went back to sleep.  The water leak was really bothering me and I just wanted to figure out why it was happening.  Of course I wouldn’t be able to figure it out until we got home.

Finally around 8am I got up and took a shower.  Boy the water pressure in the RV really isn’t very good and I will need to figure out how to increase it without harming the water lines.  We all ate breakfast and I went out to dump the tanks and clean the black tank.  This took a little while to complete but I wanted everything really cleaned.  I am glad my RV has a black tank flush built in, this makes it a lot easier.

While I was dealing with the tanks everyone else was putting things away and getting them ready for travel.  Once we were ready to leave we took off for the quick 1 hour drive home which went really quickly and again was uneventful.

Once we arrived home my daughter directed me into the driveway and both kids helped line me up to park on the jack pads.  The kids and I unloaded the RV and I proceeded to make us all lunch.  It was a good trip and was a lot better than the first one since we had A/C.