A/C Water Leak

During our trip to General Butler State Park I noticed a few drops of water coming down from the A/C vent.  Once we got back from the trip I started trying to determine where the leak was coming from.  I knew where inside the RV I saw the water trail but couldn’t find the source.  I had to get on the roof, which would be for the first time.  I had my son come help me and once I got on the roof I started taking the A/C cover off and began looking for the source of the leak.  I found a very wet spongy material under the A/C unit that was the source of the issue.  There isn’t really a way to dry it and I can only imagine it got soaked due to all the rain.  I put everything back together and my son hand me the hose.  I then began to soak the A/C down to see if it would leak again.  I sprayed water on it at various angles for 15 minutes.  My son was inside the RV looking for a leak, it never leaked.

I am not sure what caused this to leak, if it was just an abnormal amount of rain at just the right angle.  I am having the A/C guy come back out and take a look at it.  Maybe the spongy material needs to be replaced.  We will let him make that determination, since he is the expert.