RV Purchase Part 3

After our RV was not ready on Tuesday we spent the night in the Staybridge Suites, which was a two bedroom, two bathroom suite.  The suite was very roomy with a living room and a full kitchen.  We enjoyed our stay and the breakfast in the morning.

Around 10am I received a call from Jim who is the PDI manager.  He stated the tires were purchased directly from Michelin and were brand new with a 5 year warranty.  I had already decided we needed to either get brand new tires dated in 2016 or some type of compensation for the tires.  After going back and forth with Jim it was decided they would install a Surge Guard surge protector in the RV for me at cost.  This wasn’t exactly a good deal but I thought the tires were new enough to not destroy the deal.

The stain in the carpet was a bit of a bigger deal and they were going to have them professionally cleaned on Wednesday morning.  I asked Jim how the progress was going and he said everything was progressing nicely and he would call me back in an hour and let me know the current status.  At 11am Jim stated they needed a little more time due to the surge protector install, I told him that was fine and if they needed an extra hour to just say so, I don’t want to show up again and it not be ready.  He stated it would be ready at 1pm.

We checked out of the hotel at noon and sat in their lobby until just before 1pm.  We arrived at the dealership at 1pm.  I could see the technician was still installing the surge protector, so I knew it wasn’t ready.  Our salesman met us and walked us back to the RV.  Now the RV is sitting in the sun with no power on and all the windows closed while the guy is installing the surge protector.  My wife needs to stay cool, so we open all the windows and proceed to check the RV out.  Our salesman left to tell Jim we were here and were ready for the final inspection.  We were told Jim would be here in 10 minutes.  About 20 minutes later my wife was so overheated I went up and got the van for her to sit in.  When we got her in the van she had one of the worst Ataxic episodes ever.

By now I was getting very upset and a few minutes later Jim came over telling me no one told him we were here.  He saw the issues my wife was having and was very concerned, from here on out he made sure the A/C was always running.

Jim and I went into the RV to verify everything was complete, at this time I proceed to inform Jim of how unhappy I was with constantly being told the RV was complete and being brought back to it only to find it wasn’t finished and people were actively working on it.  He apologized and we began checking things off the list.

The carpet had been properly cleaned and the stain was gone.  All little items had been completed and everything was looking great.  I noticed the Carbon Monoxide detector was missing and the bedroom TV was still not working.  Jim proceeded to begin fixing both these issues.  The TV proved to be too much for him so he got two technicians to fix it while he worked on the carbon monoxide detector.  I spent my time sitting on the couch under the air drinking a Sprite.  My wife and kids went back up to the lobby to wait in the A/C.

While Jim was working on things I asked him to show me how to light the stove since that wasn’t done during the initial walk-though.  He proceeded to light a burner which lite and then went right out.  He was not able to light any other burners.  He started to work on figuring it out and then said he would look at it when the carbon monoxide detector was finished.

After a while I could see that Jim was going to make sure everything was complete, so I went up to the office to fill out the paperwork and actually purchase the RV.  My wife and kids had made themselves at home in the lobby and were busy playing on their electronic devices.

The paperwork was surprisingly easy considering how the rest of the process has gone.  While talking with the finance guy I told him they were required to provide me with a half tank of fuel and since they were going to put fuel in it why don’t they fill it up and I will pay the difference out of the reimbursement for the hotel.  He agreed and told our salesman to get it filled up and park it out in their campground so we could stay in it that night and verify everything is working.

We proceeded to go and eat dinner since we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.  We went back to Culver’s since it was so good the previous time.  We also stopped at Walmart and picked up some drinks and snacks.  I stopped at a gas station and got a big bag of ice since the refrigerator was not going to be cold.

When we pulled into the driveway leading to the dealership I didn’t see our RV in the campground.  We drove into the dealership’s lot and saw the RV being filled with propane by Jim, our salesman, and another technician.  I got out and Jim began to tell me there was a problem with the propane, they ordered a regulator and it would be there on Thursday morning.  They would come and get the RV at 8am, get the part replaced and we would be on our way by 10am.

They drove the RV out to the campground, hooked us up to electricity and the entire RV shutdown.  No power what so ever.  They began scrambling to figure out what had happened.  My new surge protector was blinking there was a fault, not exactly helpful but at least it protected the RV.  After about 25 minutes they reset the inverter and the RV fired back up.

They left for the day and I proceeded to hook us up to their water connection.  I noticed when I hooked up the water the connection to the RV was leaking really bad another think to put on the list.  Shortly after hooking up the water we lost all water from their connection.  The person parked next to us was washing his RV and I think he used all of the water.  I disconnected us from their water connection and thought we would just use the water in the holding tank.  The guy parked next to us ended up leaving and about 10 minutes later I decided to check the water again.  This time there was water though very low pressure.  I hooked us up and everything was working even with the low water pressure.

We spent the night trying to relax and cool off, since the RV hadn’t been running for very long it was warm, but the A/C was working hard to cool it off.  We enjoyed our first night in the RV and just watched some TV and played on the computers/tablets.