Our First Trip in the RV – Part Two

We woke up the next morning very cold.  The front A/C did a good job cooling the RV off overnight.  The kids noticed there was water leaking out of the RV from the water fill spout.  I looked and the fresh water tank was full, even though we weren’t trying to fill it.  I figured out how to drain the tank and decided to watch it going forward.  The cool air in the RV didn’t last long and we were quickly getting overheated again.  We decided to go out to lunch and stop by the house for some more fans.  We enjoyed lunch mostly because the pizza place was air conditioned.  We stopped by the house and got two more fans, we enjoyed the air conditioning at home and pet the cats for a little while before heading back.  On our way back we decided to drive around the campground and if we found a more shaded site we might switch.  There wasn’t a better spot so we stayed where we were.

We set up the fans and proceeded to try and stay cool.  We spent the day watching movies, and playing games.  I kept an eye on the water tank level and found it seemed to be staying the same.  We enjoyed some more ice cream bars and settled down for the night.  We placed two fans in the bedroom as the temperature in the bedroom was in the 90’s.

We again woke up cold, but by now we were enjoying it.  We woke up around 8am which was nice.  Today is the checkout day and we were ready to go home.  I found the fresh water tank was full again so I drained it.  We started getting everything ready to move the RV and were soon ready to do.  I triple checked the bay doors and we were off.  First stop was the dump station, which went well.  We did find the black tank was a little stopped up, so in the future we will need to use more water.

The drive home was uneventful and we were able to back into the driveway without too much of an issue.  We parked and closed up the RV and went inside the house to enjoy the air conditioning.  Overall it was a good first trip and once we get the A/C working it should be a lot more fun.