A/C Water Leak

During our trip to General Butler State Park I noticed a few drops of water coming down from the A/C vent.  Once we got back from the trip I started trying to determine where the leak was coming from.  I knew where inside the RV I saw the water trail but couldn’t find the source.  I had to get on the roof, which would be for the first time.  I had my son come help me and once I got on the roof I started taking the A/C cover off and began looking for the source of the leak.  I found a very wet spongy material under the A/C unit that was the source of the issue.  There isn’t really a way to dry it and I can only imagine it got soaked due to all the rain.  I put everything back together and my son hand me the hose.  I then began to soak the A/C down to see if it would leak again.  I sprayed water on it at various angles for 15 minutes.  My son was inside the RV looking for a leak, it never leaked.

I am not sure what caused this to leak, if it was just an abnormal amount of rain at just the right angle.  I am having the A/C guy come back out and take a look at it.  Maybe the spongy material needs to be replaced.  We will let him make that determination, since he is the expert.

General Butler State Park

General Butler State ParkWe decided our second trip would be to General Butler State Park.  This park is about 1hour from our house which would give me a little more experience driving the RV.  The park also has a lot of shade and full hookups.  When I made the reservation I ended up getting the one handicap site they have.  The site was a concrete pad instead of asphalt and around 64ft long.  It is well shaded and near a bathhouse if we need it. Continue Reading →

Our RV

Our First Trip in the RV – Part Two

We woke up the next morning very cold.  The front A/C did a good job cooling the RV off overnight.  The kids noticed there was water leaking out of the RV from the water fill spout.  I looked and the fresh water tank was full, even though we weren’t trying to fill it.  I figured out how to drain the tank and decided to watch it going forward.  The cool air in the RV didn’t last long and we were quickly getting overheated again.  We decided to go out to lunch and stop by the house for some more fans.  We enjoyed lunch mostly because the pizza place was air conditioned.  We stopped by the house and got two more fans, we enjoyed the air conditioning at home and pet the cats for a little while before heading back.  On our way back we decided to drive around the campground and if we found a more shaded site we might switch.  There wasn’t a better spot so we stayed where we were. Continue Reading →

Our First Trip in the RV – Part One

This weekend we are traveling to Taylorsville Lake for two nights.  This will allow us to figure out the RV and really test the different systems.  Taylorsville Lake is not too far from our house so if necessary we could easily travel back home.  We left Sunday afternoon around 1:30pm, we needed to stop at a fueling station to fill up the RV.  Since the RV is a diesel, I found a station where pulling in and out should be easy.  There aren’t any tight turns, and the pumps face North to South allowing easy access. Continue Reading →

What Did I Get Stuck On and Moving the RV

Today I emptied the RV after returning home with the RV from the dealership.  There wasn’t much in there since we only packed for 3 days.  I also wanted to figure out what the RV was stuck on when we tried pulling in last night.I started to walk down the driveway to the street to analyze the area and determine where we got stuck.  As soon as I started down the driveway I could tell we didn’t exactly get stuck the way I thought.  I figured we went off the driveway, but that wasn’t the case. Continue Reading →

The ride home from the dealer

This was my first time really driving an RV, while I drove it on the test drive we were going to travel around 300 miles back home.  I was certainly nervous and hoped everything would go alright.  I intended to take my time and not rush.  This is also the first time my daughter would be driving this far, as she would be following in our van.  We were supposed to leave around 10am it was now 3:30pm.  We wouldn’t arrive home until after 9pm at best. Continue Reading →

RV Purchase Part 4

We spent the night in the RV for the first time.  We had the A/C turned really low due to the high heat during the day.  I woke up at 4am freezing, the RV had really cooled off over night.  I couldn’t get to the thermostat since my son’s bed blocked my path.  It was really cold and all of us were feeling it.  I finally got up and took my shower only to find there really wasn’t any hot water.  I could feel a slight heat to the water but it was definitely not right.   Continue Reading →

RV Purchase Part 3

After our RV was not ready on Tuesday we spent the night in the Staybridge Suites, which was a two bedroom, two bathroom suite.  The suite was very roomy with a living room and a full kitchen.  We enjoyed our stay and the breakfast in the morning. Continue Reading →